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vegan chicken

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What makes us unique?

The uniqueness of the [SHICKEN] chef inspired meal range lies within our [SHICKEN] vegan chicken pieces. Our [SHICKEN] pieces have been developed over the past two years to replicate the closest match in texture, appearance and most importantly the taste of real chicken.

The combination of our [SHICKEN] pieces and our authentic hand crafted Indian curry sauces have allowed our chefs to produce the closest vegan match to some of the UK's most popular Asian chicken restaurant meals.

Turning vegan or enjoying being vegan has just been made that much easier by [SHICKEN]!

What exactly is a vegan chicken?

The team at Plant Alternative have been asked this question numerous times by non vegans, how can a chicken be vegan? In theory all chickens are happy vegans because their diet consists of corn pellets, fruit and vegetables. But chicken meat is the highest consumed meat globally in volume, in 2020 a total of 131 metric kilo tons was consumed.


Well the answer is quite simple any product that saves these beautiful creatures from ending up on a dinner plate can be classed as a vegan chicken.


OK it’s not quite that simple but that is the foundation our [SHICKEN] vegan chicken pieces were developed on. Our development chefs spent time to make sure that we used plant- based ingredients in our [SHICKEN] products, were 100% vegan and could help people to reduce eating chicken or stop all together by making one simple change and that’s switching to our [SHICKEN] meals while still enjoying the taste and texture and overall eating experience.

Our [SHICKEN] pieces are naked without any bread crumb or batter added. Since the boom of veganism there are several companies that have developed and launched a chicken

meat-free replacement, whether that takes the form of a vegan chicken nugget, vegan chicken burger or vegan fried chicken. Most of these products have used soy, vital wheat gluten, seitan, pea protein or some other plant-based meat substitute ingredient. 


At Plant Alternative our chefs have simply coated our soy based [SHICKEN] vegan chicken pieces with a tandoori marinade, cooked them on a live flame to ensure they are Bar-B-Q charred and smothered them with some of the UK’s most popular Indian curry sauces ranging from vegan chicken Tikka Masala to vegan chicken Korma. Creating the perfect vegan chef inspired meals, offering something for everyone with varying heat and spice levels.