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UK's favourite vegan Indian ready meals all in one place!  

What's your favourite curry?

What's your favourite Indian curry, with our [SHICKEN] vegan Indian curries now available on our Shop, we wanted to find out what is the most popular Indian curries amongst UK consumers, this way we could select the right curries to perform our magic and create the vegan plant-based alternative with our unique [SHICKEN] pieces.

Well it was no surprise when the number spot was taken by the UK's favourite UK curry the Tikka Masala, in our [SHICKEN] vegan chicken Tikka Masala we use fresh aromatic spices, vegan yogurt and our [SHICKEN] pieces to create the very best restaurant quality vegan chicken tikka masala curry that we could create.




At Plant Alternative our chefs have been busy developing the first realistic [SHICKEN] vegan Indian restaurant quality meals. Whats your favourite Indian curry? 



Not too far behind was the mild creamy Korma coming in at number 2, for the Plant Alternative chefs this recipe was probably the most difficult to recreate as a vegan alternative as a Korma curry predominantly is made up of yogurt, milk, butter and double cream. 


However they managed to crack it by perfectly combining vegan yogurt, coconut cream and desiccated coconut. Creating a mouth-watering, creamy [SHICKEN] vegan chicken Korma.

Coming in at number 3 is Rogan Josh and number 4 Madras, our chefs are busy developing these spicy curries and we hope to be adding these to our range in soon. In at number 5 is the Jalfrezi this tomato based curry with a real chilli punch lends itself perfectly for adding our vegan touch with our [SHICKEN] vegan chicken Jalfrezi.

The 6th spot was taken by the Vindaloo which was too hot to handle by our development chefs (for now)... but the 7th place was taken by the Punjabi favourite the Balti curry, the perfect blend of onions, tomatoes and North Indian spices. Putting our vegan spin on this delicious curry was a real pleasure.



The final 3 curries 8th, 9th & 10th spots went to the Bhuna, Pasanda and Dopiaza. The Butter chicken curry was not even on the top 10 list but our chefs at Plant Alternative love a challenge. Turning this traditional butter, yogurt, milk based curry into vegan was just too good of a challenge to turn down, and no surprise to our team the final results are fantastic. This classic smooth mild tomato curry has seen the vegan alternative effect with our [SHICKEN] vegan butter chicken.