Vegetable Pakora recipe

Updated: Oct 16, 2020

This plant based vegan starter is part of our Indian Snack Selection pack and perfect for two to share or if you are feeling very indulgent you can have them all to yourself. The secret to this very popular North Indian starter from the Punjab state is that the more fresh coriander you add to the recipe the crispier the pakoras will be. This warm comforting Indian starter is perfect especially during these grey, wet winter months.

Vegetable Pakora Ingredients

  • ​2 medium white potatoes

  • 3 finely cut green chillies (you can use red if you really want to make these hot and fiery)

  • 1 tsp garlic puree or fresh garlic

  • 1 tsp of ginger puree or fresh ginger

  • 2 ½ tsp of salt (you can adjust this to your liking)

  • 3 tsp curry powder (medium or hot its your choice to make these pakoras your own)

  • 10oz gram flour

  • 2 handfuls finely chopped fresh coriander

  • Oil for frying

  • Plus a little water for making the batter

Cooking Method

1. Peel and wash the potatoes and cut into even slices about ½ inch thick

2. Put the slices in a bowl and add the garlic and ginger (puree or fresh which ever you choose)

3. Stir the garlic and ginger evenly into the sliced potatoes

4. In a separate bowl add the sliced chillies, salt, curry powder, gram flour and fresh chopped coriander

5. Take a small amount of water and add gradually to these ingredients while stirring the mixture to create a smooth batter

6. Pour the batter mixture over the peeled potatoes and ensure they are evenly covered

7. Deep fry the coated potato slices in small batches

8. Fry until golden brown, leave to rest on a kitchen towel to remove any excess oil

9. Serve piping hot with a dipping sauce of your choice even a vegan yogurt mint sauce


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