The life of a new start-up business

Updated: Jan 11, 2021

For any new start-up business, the uncertainty of generating sales, customers liking your products and being able to manage all aspects of running your own business become very apparent as soon as anyone makes that very important and nerve-racking decision to start up their own business.

The owner of a start-up no longer has the luxury of simply doing one or two jobs when they first start out, with their new business every task whether it's small or large is now their responsibility. Of course, as the business grows staff are employed and a business owner builds the team, he or she needs around them to successfully grow their small infant business.

However, at the beginning those first few weeks and months it's all on them. That’s why finding and establishing a supplier base who are flexible and can accommodate the requirements of a new business is essential. For Plant Alternative and the Shicken brand we started working with suppliers that could accommodate our minimum volume requirements, offer the best prices which could be manage with our small starting budget and most importantly deliver and meet our expectations.

A perfect example of this is the packaging stickers that we needed for our vegan Indian sides and snack products. The goal was to find a UK based company that could produce a minimum quantity as we didn’t want to print thousands of labels per product design and offer competitive prices for the number of designs we wanted to print. That's when Discount Sticker Printing came into their own, they were able to accommodate the small print runs we needed and offered various materials, finishes and formats for the labels we required plus even with our low initial volumes they were still happy to offer us the most competitive prices that they could and on top everything else a turnaround of a couple of days.

Finding the right suppliers makes the life of a small business owner that much easier.

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